March 18th 2018

      Serving and helping others - Mrs Kay Garman

Breakfast Talk

March 2018

      Mens Breakfast - Stephen Addison

After gang membership and an early career in crime, Stephen became a Christian and started a charity, Box Up Crime, that encourages young people into the gym and out of gangs. He is working hard to counter knife crime and his work has been recognized by the Mayor of London.

Bible Study

December 7th 2017

      The Holy Spirit: Introduction - Rev John Ritson

An audience with…

October 20th 2017

Olympic medallist in rowing Debbie Flood & Stephen Addison, boxer and founder of the organisation “Box-up crime” in conversation.

Debbie is a silver medallist in 2 consecutive Olympics in the rowing sculls and Stephen was inspired in 2012 from the loss of valued friends due to gang affiliation and crime, to start the project “Box Up Crime” in 2013, which uses sports, in particular boxing, as a tool to inspire, educate and develop young individuals, specifically those who have been involved in crime.

Listen to their stories, the highs and lows and what motivates and encourages them to persevere.

      Debbie Flood - Olympic rower
      Stephen Addison - Boxer