Bible reading marathon - Sunday 29th October to Thursday 2nd November

We read the entire bible - from beginning to end

Over 100 different people - reading for just over 80 hours

You can listen to the recording here

Bible Reading Marathon

As part of our celebration and thanks for our new church building, we read the Bible from cover to cover to honour and glorify God through the reading of His Holy Word.

Well over 100 people took part in our Bible Reading Marathon. We started at midday on Sunday 29th October, after the morning service, and finished just after 8pm on Thursday 2nd November.



This collection of recordings, is from a “live” reading of the NIV Bible.

The recording contains many imperfections, particularly during the latter part of Jeremiah, Lamentations and Ezekiel, where you can clearly hear some “minor” roof repairs and the futile attempts to beat our heating system back into action. 


Otford Methodist Church